SCG Packaging Public Company Limited has developed the Investor Relations Code of Conduct to establish guidelines for correct and proper practices to which investor relations officers (IROs) can adhere. The Code of Conduct details fundamental principles regarding information disclosure, protection of insider information, fair and equitable treatment of stakeholders, and working with integrity, all of which are in alignment with SCG Packaging Corporate Governance. This, in turn, will add value to the Company and inspire confidence in its shareholders, investors, the public, and all stakeholders. The Investor Relations Code of Conduct comprises of four main principles as follows:

  • Accurately, sufficiently and timely disclosing information, which is crucial to investment decisions
  • Handling and protecting insider information
    • Adopt a “Quiet Period” of at least two weeks prior to the disclosure of the Company’s financial statements, during which IROs will not host a meeting or provide analysts and investors with information or answer questions related to the Company’s near-term performance
    • Comply with “Blackout period” measurement in which the Company’s directors, executives, including persons holding an executive position in accounting or finance at a divisional manager or equivalent level, employees of the offices with access to insider information including their spouse or cohabiting couple, underage son and daughter, are prohibited from trading the securities or enter into derivative contracts relating to securities of the Company or the Company’s listed subsidiaries or associate companies or other listed companies relating to the insider information during a period of 1 month before disclosure of any quarter and annual financial statements and within 24 hours after such disclosure
  • Disclosing information equitably and fairly
  • Performing duties with professional integrity