Credit Rating Agency Rating As of
Fitch Ratings A(tha)/ Stable Nov 2023

Funding policy

SCGP aims to maintain a strong financial structure and enhance liquidity through financial discipline and efficient capital allocation to ensure that the cost of funding remains competitive.

Debt Profile

Healthy debt management is a key success factor for sustainable business growth and supports company to pursue strategic investment along with prudent capital management. To achieve competitive funding costs, the company effectively manages cost of financing through balancing a proportion of debt currency exposure, interest rate mix (fixed/float) as well as diversifying source of funding.

30 June 2023 31 December 2022
Total interest bearing debt THB 48,466 million THB 50,169 million
Average cost of debts 4.10% 2.70%

Bond Information

Issuer ThaiBMA Code Amount Issue Date Maturity Date Interest Rate (p.a.)
SCGP SCGP24DA THB 5,500 million 1-Apr-21 1-Dec-24 2.65%
SCGP SCGP256A THB 5,000 million 1-Aug-22 1-Jun-25 2.80%
SCGP SCGP26DA THB 5,000 million 1-Dec-22 1-Dec-26 3.50%

Additional Information

Bond Registrar Information
Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited
Phone: +66 2296 2030 / +66 2296 5692 / +66 2296 5689 / +66 2296 4788
SCGP256A Krungthai Bank Public Company Limited
Phone: +66 2298 0830-31 (Debenture Registration), +66 2111 1111 (Denbenture on App PaoTang)

More information, please contact

  SCGP Debenture +66 2586 2112: Debenture Registration press 1, SCGP press 2 and Debenture Club press 0
  For communication with our staff, please contact us on Monday – Friday, 08.00 - 12:00 hrs. and 13:00-16:30 hrs.