What does the SCGP do?

SCGP is the leader in the fully-integrated packaging chain in Southeast Asia. The company provides products that include packaging paper, fiber packaging, performance and polymer packaging, and food service products as well as designing and printing services and other diverse solutions to meet customers’ demands.

To be a leading multinational consumer packaging solutions provider through innovative and sustainable offerings.

Investor can access SCGP stock price and other information regarding SCGP stock at https://investor.scgpackaging.com/en/stock-information/stock-quote

SCGP’s policy is to pay dividends not less than 20% of the net profit according to the consolidated financial statements, after deducting corporate income tax and legal reserves as required by law and the Company for each year. The dividend payment rates may vary depending on the operating results, financial structure, financial position, liquidity, additional investment needs, investment plans, business expansion, cash reserves for working capital or loan repayments, including the conditions and limitations as stipulated in any loan agreements, and other factors related to the Company’s management.

SCGP has been listed in the SET on October 22, 2020 with the Paid-up capital of Baht 4,292,920,200 and numbers of common stock for 4,292,920,200 shares, par value at Baht 1 per share.

The Siam cement public company limited is the major shareholder with a 72.1% stake, the rest held by NVDR, Institutional and retails investors.

SCGP Float Percentage of Total Shares Outstanding is around 26.2%.

Foreign investors are permitted to own SCGP shares no grander than 30% of SCGP's issued and outstanding shares.